A Family tradition to celebrate the Brand of Deodorants and Bath Foam.


BREEZE was born in 1962, launching the Biological Deodorant Squeeze 67 in the Italian perfumeries, a great novelty thanks to the formulation and innovative round pack. Instantly it stands out from the competitors simply providing the supplying of deodorant by pressing the bottle, from this derives squeeze’s Name.


In a short time thanks to the many fragrances with a unique personality, the recognizable logo, with a wing that changes color according to the fragrances, and the handy bottle, they became leaders of deodorant market in the Italian perfumery. A product loved by men, women and sportsmen who appreciate the freshness of the deodorant and are reflected in the dynamism and lightness values that characterize the brand.


From Squeeze to the Bath Foam the step is short: Breeze deodorants finds their pleasant fragrances in the Bath Foam, which are inspired by the olfactory notes of deodorants, respecting the physiological pH and the natural balance of the skin. Between 1995 and 1996 the distribution of Breeze expands and opens the doors to the channel of supermarkets and hypermarkets.